Code name: Shaolin "J" Style

Location: ON (Ontario) Canada

Current 'blogger' status: Getting my feet wet

Writing style: A hearty mix of sarcasm, expletives and motivational prose.

Blog content: rants on life, style, media, culture, passive aggressive judgments. 

Fave food: Anything involving cheese, but like, the common kind. Don't ask me to distinguish Camembert from brie. I can't do it. 

Fave musical artist: Pass (But based on my code name, you might be able to guess my favourite rap group.)

Fave movie: I'd tell you but I didn't come here to be made fun of... so... Let's just save that for a future blog post, shall we?

Android or iOS: Blackberry (just kidding!). Both have their pros and cons, really. 

Pet peeve: ordering a large fry, only to discover that my fry box was only filled half way.

Why I started this blog: So many reasons! creative outlet. self-therapy & comedic relief. being a Voice to introverts. NARCISSISM... all that good stuff.