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Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .
— C. S. Lewis - novelist, poet, academic

Sometimes in life, friendships can be tricky to navigate and maintain; especially when your closest circle of friends is no longer within immediate face-to-face reach. Understandably, we all get busy with family, relationships, careers, etc... and sometimes, the quality time and therapeutic conversations you used to have with your crew, become fewer and much farther apart. So where can you turn when your core crew of people are busy being all sorts of awesome? Why, the internet of course! No. Seriously... The web is lit in that regard.

For the most part, I think a lot of us would admit that we have "friends in our head". These are not to be confused with actual voices in your head. I'm talking about the people that we follow in sports, or on TV, or online... who seem like they would be dope to know IRL (in real life). People who seem to 'get you' without having actually met you yet... those "friends in your head".

So, I thought I'd introduce you to my tribe of online faves - my Top 7 internet friends in my head. Some I've been following for a while, and others I've just recently started following.  

Here we go, in no particular order:

1. KID FURY (most well-known for his podcast "The Read", with his co-host Crissle). He is an introvert. He is sarcastic as f*ck. And he basically just has no time for the bullshit. It's like I'm looking into a mirror. Lol. 

 GIF courtesy of  media.giphy

GIF courtesy of media.giphy

2. HEY FRAN HEY (most well-known for her health & wellness YouTube channel, and one third of The Friend Zone Podcast). Fran is all about love & light, and trying to find the silver lining in any situation. She's boho-chic and and a naturalist. And people are just drawn to her sensitivity and warm soul. Whenever I need a dose of positive reality about career, life and relationships... she's a go-to.

 Photo courtesy of  blavity

Photo courtesy of blavity

3. ISSA RAE (most well-known for her new HBO series "Insecure" and her web series "Awkward Black Girl"). Issa is basically my daily inner-voice. She raps to herself in bathroom mirrors, rocks natural hairstyles and makes all of the inappropriate comments without a second thought. She's my sister from another mister, basically.

 GIF courtesy of  media.giphy

GIF courtesy of media.giphy

4. QUINTA BRUNSON (most well-known for her comedic Buzzfeed shorts). Speaking of sisters from other misters... Quinta B is cute, quirky and kills plants unintentionally (points to self). She also kind of stole my face.  We look like long lost twins. The eye-balls say it all. Also, her YouTube vid "The Girl Who's Never Been on a Nice Date"? HIL-A-RI-OUS. Because that would totally be me.

 Still shot from YouTube

Still shot from YouTube

5. ARI FITZ (most well-known for her candid YouTube vids and Tomboyish fashion project). Ari has unprecedented androgynous swag. Ari has no filter. Ari is carefree and travels the world, often solo. I love her spirit and her openness. She shares her raw experiences with her online community, regardless of how awkward or embarrassing they might be. 

 Photo courtesy of  tumblr

Photo courtesy of tumblr

6. DUSTIN ROSS (most well-known as one-third of The Friend Zone Podcast). Dustin is the level of petty I sometimes aspire to be. He freestyles at the drop of a dime. He cracks jokes about your mama on Twitter and on the podcast, and gives zero f*cks about how you feel about it. Everything he says is in jest, unless he's pissed off. And then he will read you for filth (aka make you cry). His energy is infectious.

 Photo courtesy of  detoxaholic

Photo courtesy of detoxaholic

7. SHAMELESS MAYA (most well-known for her YouTube vids on life, tech, & fashion). Maya is a creative. She dabbles in many different forms of art. She's vibrant and fearless. She's perhaps the cutest celibate chick you'll come across. Her brand is about "doing you" and being shameless about your trajectory in life. Scrolling through her colourfully poppin Instagram feed gives me a bit of creative inspiration whenever I need it. 

 Image courtesy of  tumblr

Image courtesy of tumblr

Well, there you have it. Say hello to my little web friends :)  My goal is to meet one or two of them some time in life.

Who are some of your "friends in your head"? Drop a comment below or on my FB page.


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