one year down: it's my blogiversary!

People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.
— Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking

Bruh. I cannot believe it's been a smooth 365 days since I published my very first blog post here on! I started this website at the behest (ok, more like "suggestion") of a few of my closest friends and family. I didn't think I could do it. I didn't know that could manage it. But somehow, some way... one year later, I'm still here writing for your consumption and for my sanity.

To keep it all the way real with y'all, there were many many times during the past year where I doubted my ability to sustain this website. There were times where writer's block reared its filthy head, making my desire to put out a weekly post nearly impossible. There were also times where I struggled to create content that would be relevant to my readers (aka the public) while still being important to me. And finally, there were times where I've wanted to spew my entire heart and soul onto one of these  pages but had to pull back because some personal things are just not meant to be revealed... at least not yet within the context of "putting myself out there".

So, for the past 52 weeks I've carefully (and sometimes carelessly) toiled away at creating and sharing content to which I hope many of you can relate. The process of maintaining this blog, while sometimes tedious and time-consuming, has been really good  for me. It's reminded me of how necessary it is to stay the course, how to manage my time and priorities, and how to turn let downs into lessons. It has also reminded me that while I'm not a perfectionist, I do tend to strive (in small ways) for better versions of work I've done before.  This is evidenced by the fact that since I started shaolinsays, I've tweaked the layout and look of the site about a half a dozen times... And I'm sure I'll continue to do so as time goes on :)

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I guess in some way, this signifies that my commitment and loyalty to things (and/or to people) is firm, so long as there's room for change and growth.

So far, this blog has been mostly me spilling random internal reflections into the public sphere. It's not a blog that's distinctly rooted in pop culture, fashion, politics, etc. Sometimes I feel like I need to apologize for it's lack of focus, because nowadays most successful blogs do seem to focus on one particular niche. My website has no niche, other than the fact that it's driven by my thoughts, fears and feelings.  That said- I wonder if the word "blogger" accurately reflects what it is that I actually am.

Am I blogger? A writer? A creative? A content creator? These labels all sound good, but I don't know if any one of them is the right identifier.  Whatever I am, I'm rolling with it. As time goes on, maybe one day when someone asks me what it is that I do... I will confidently say that I am one of those things (or all of them!). I'm not at that point yet, though. And who knows, by then - this blog may evolve into something else entirely.  

For now though, I thank you for sticking with me and for continuing to read and engage in my ramblings (and not-so low key narcissism). I appreciate you. 

To those of you who wonder why I continue to do this: I write because talking to people is the Taylor to my Kanye: annoying, overrated and usually full of fake pleasantries that most people can see through. 


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