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Remember that everything that is happening around you, good or bad, is in some way conspiring to help you.
— Dr. Debasish Mridha, American physician, philosopher, poet seer, and author

Uhhhh... is this thing on? Or better yet: Is anyone still out there, reading this blog?

Hi, folks. I'm going to spare you the cutesy roundabout excuses and just start off by begging for your forgiveness.

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I've been slacking on my blog duties. Slacking actually seems like a euphemism at this point, given that it's been close to seven months since I last updated this website. #GROSS. I'd honestly be surprised if any of you were still keen to click and read anything I have to say at this point. Nevertheless, I am attempting to atone for my "epic-est" of fails by letting you in on what's been transpiring in Shaolin's World over the past few months.

So, where to begin?

For one, after reading my last blog entry – I'm proud to report that I completed my Design Thinking course. It was an interesting class that allowed me to increase my creative thinking skill set.  I'd like to take some other courses in the future too... I'm just not sure which creative part of my brain I want to feed next. Only time will tell.

On the job front, things have been pretty great! For the past five months, I've been pulling double duty, working a new full time gig and working from home on a part-time basis.

When you heard from me last, I was anxious about finding a new permanent full time job while I was still working a one year contract gig. Thankfully, the situation sorted itself out! When I notified my contract job about the new permanent job I had landed, I was offered the option to finish out my contract on a part time basis, depending on what kind of workload I could handle. And because they're such an awesome team, I was happy to take on the part time work so that they wouldn't have to look for someone else to fill half my contract.

Also, that extra part time money in my pocket was looking like a pretty nice way to tackle some pesky bills:

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In any case, between my 9 to 5 and my 6 to 8, I'd not been dedicating any extra time to this blog, as I once was so diligent about. SIGH. I'm sorry, y'all. I definitely never intended to let every day life stuff impede on my "creative time" with this blog - but alas, I've done just that. I guess when I'm working all day in a job that requires me to write content, the thought of writing any additional content for "fun" doesn't seem as... well... fun. 

The good news is that my contract duties are over and I'm now back down to ONE f/t job, which will free up some hours for me to get back into creative ventures that spark my interest — whether that's this blog or something else entirely. I've been simmering on some new ideas. Hopefully one of them will materialize in the near future.

Lastly, I guess it's only right to share that in the personal life department, things are looking really good! 

Somehow, someway, your girl has managed to find herself in what can only be described as a "dope, healthy & easeful adult-ish relationship" with someone just as awesomely quirky as she. Suffice to say, these days, I'm generally on a level of happy that I don't remember feeling in a long time. So... there's that.

I don't know what to tell you friends, other than #LIFEISHAPPENING, and as much as I dig the idea of sharing my  developments and milestones on a regular basis — I'm also inclined to believe that it's ok for me to focus my time on living the life that's in front of me instead of diarizing it for posterity. It's a struggle that I'm currently wrestling with (i.e. how much is too much overshare? and to what end?). But, rest assured that if and when the time comes to put this blog to bed, I'll make sure it makes its exit à la 90's Mariah Carey:

 Image courtesy of Tumblr.

Image courtesy of Tumblr.

... On a high note, that is.

Ciao for now!

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